Thursday, November 17, 2005

Brian Posehn - Yelling Stuff

Maybe the name doesn't ring a bell, but if you're 1337 enough to be on this blog, you probably have seen Brian Posehn around somewhere: lurking in the backgrounds of the Devils Rejects and the Wedding Singer, or maybe in more prominent roles as a cast member of Mr. Show or... ugh... Just Shoot Me.
Anyways, Brian's been one of the clique of "alternative comics" like David Cross, Sarah Silverman, Eugene Mirman and Patton Oswalt, and has just released an album that I think at this time is only available from his website. The album isn't exactly laugh out loud funny, but Brian tells stories in the way your dry quiet sarcastic weird freind does, never reeking of insincerity. His self depracating, likable personality is what makes the album a little more relistenable than say, the latest David Cross disc.

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