Friday, November 04, 2005

Milemarker - Food Chain

No longer on Jade Tree, Milemarker have jumped over to Eyeball Records for their latest release "Ominosity". They don't seem to fit in nicely with any particular sound or genre, which may be why they keep switching labels. I'm surprised they aren't more well-known though, especially since their live shows are supposed to be fantastic. On this new album they continue their goal of being a high concept band while exhibiting a healthy obsession with both 80's new wave synths and raw hardcore punk. "Food Chain" almost reminds me of a marriage between Gary Numan, Thunderbirds Are Now and Sick Of It All, if such a thing were possible. (Then again, after considering that perspective, it may explain why they don't have a larger following.) Still, I dig it and maybe you will too.

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