Saturday, November 12, 2005

Neil Diamond - Hell Yeah

It's odd that no one really remembers Neil have a career outside of his greased up Vegas showboating days, but he's written some great songs in his time, including a bunch of hits for the Monkeys. I assume that's why Rick Rubin has chosen to resurrect his career by producing his new album 12 Songs. This song in particular reminds me of some of Cash's work Rubin, particularly as Diamond looks back on his life and the myths he's created. Did he create some good songs...Hell yeah he did.


PartyGoon said...

this is awesome!

Fons Oerelemans said...

His latest 2005 album - 12 songs - is great. Espacially "Hell Yeah!!
However, his true and most unforgettable masterpiece is the soundtrack of the Jonathan Livingstone Seagul movie.