Friday, November 04, 2005

Nirvana - Sappy (1990 Studio Demo)

Originally I thought this new single-disc Nirvana compilation "Sliver: The Best Of The Box" would simply trim all the fat from last year's "With The Lights Out" box set, making for one solid disc of outtakes and rarities. It turns out it's just as muddled as the box set was. The track listing is still filled with demo recordings and rough versions of a lot of songs we've all heard before. What I want is a definitive collection of all the great b-sides from their singles and various compilations... is that so much to ask?? The 1990 Studio Demo of "Sappy" is billed as one of the unreleased songs on this CD, but it's just a slightly different version of "Verse Chorus Verse" (aka the hidden track from the "No Alternative" compilation). Great song, but what happened to all the rest? The band's rare material is so much better than most of this disc lets on. The bonus MP3 I've included is Nirvana's bombastic cover of "Do You Love Me" by Kiss, a song that never even made it onto the box set (presumably because Kiss was never compensated for it).

» Bonus Track: Do You Love Me (Kiss cover)

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