Sunday, November 13, 2005

Os Mutantes - Panis Et Circenses

Here's an amazing song from the innovative 60's pop act, Os Mutantes. 'Panis Et Circenses' is the first track off of this Brazilian psychadelic trio's debut 1968 self titled album. World sounds are invaded by 'Beatlesmania' pop sensibilities, forming a truly unique arrangement that remains relevant and original nearly forty years later. Upon first listen, 'Panis Et Circenses' could easily be mistaken for a modern pop-experimentalist throwback; a testament of how the short lived Os Mutantes were unquestionably ahead of their time. Any band that successfully substitutes the sound of a can of bug spray for a hi-hat is good in my books.


Anonymous said...

I like this! Different and very retro with a campy feel to it. I downloaded it and played on repeat and must have let it play at least a dozen times now. It definately grows on you.

aaaaaaaa said...

yeah, I'm brazilian and I agree with you. And the lyrics are pretty good if you understand it like a native brazilian