Tuesday, November 08, 2005

PartyGoon vs. Alanis Morissette - Boy Crazy

Here's a novelty track for you today, created by yours truly. I love Seal's version of "Crazy" and always have. I heard Alanis' cover of the song, and I have to admit I liked it enough to download it to hear it again. Later that day I was playing around with the music program WavePad, and randomly chose the song to mess around with. I found out that by simply reducing the speed/pitch to 80%, Alanis' voice becomes a strikingly beautiful male voice, even during the high parts. I went on to try this out with other Alanis songs, and well, it also works, though not as convincing or as listenable as a full song as with this example. I cut a bit off the end of the original version of the song because otherwise it would be over 7 minutes long, and frankly that's just too much. If you're not interested in hearing the full track but curious about what it sounds like, click here for snippet of the track which has made its way onto ytmnd.com

edit: Nov. 12 - this track was featured in The Toronto Star's "Anti Hit List" section

BONUS mp3 - another PartyGoon vs. Alanis - Right Through You

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