Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Super Furry Animals - Frequency

Scottish mod-pop-psych-weirdos Super Furry Animals are at The Phoenix tonight in Toronto. I won't be there unfortunately, but it's probably just as well... I found their last couple of albums mostly forgettable. (The remix album for Phantom Power was so much better than the original!) Their latest "Love Kraft" does have a few moments of inspiration though. "Frequency" is one of the highlights in my opinion, along with the single "Lazer Beam" and the bizarre instrumental "Oi Frango". Give it a listen, see what you think.

» Bonus Track: "Cityscape Skybaby (Minotaur Shock Remix)"


marathonpacks said...

I think I'm the only SFA fan who was disappointed with Love Kraft. It's good, but just feels like such a letdown after the last 4 records.

"Frequency," though, is the best track on the record. Good pick!

Sean said...

Overall I found Love Kraft mostly disappointing as well (along with Phantom Power).

Just realized I wrote Scottish when they are actually Welsh. I'm sure that will piss off someone somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Not quite (Scottish! I almost split my beer when I read that! :@D), although you really need to spend more time with the recent albums. I guess that I am biased (being a fan since 96) but the thing about this band is that I find that they get better with every album... Phantom Power is a friggin' masterpiece I tell ypu!