Friday, November 11, 2005

Ween - Boys Club

Recently reviewed by us on Space Junk , we offer up a slice from Vol. 1 of Ween's b-sides/rarities/demos collection, "Shinola". Most of the material on this album seems to come from Ween's "Chocolate and Cheese"/"Pure Guava" days, (with a little bit of their Pink Floyd influenced wanking about here and there as well), and surprisingly, as a whole it stands up against all their other albums, arguably better than a few of them as well. I can see the reason Ween didn't use some of these songs on albums, but why "Boys Club" hadn't been released until now is beyond me. "Shinola" is out now on Chocodog Records.

Bonus Track: Ween - Monique the Freak

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