Friday, December 02, 2005

Battles - B + T

Battles are a band that any music nerd should get excited about just by hearing a list of the groups that its members were formerly (or still are) a part of. Don Caballero, Storm & Stress, Helmet, Tomahawk, Prefuse 73... You can well imagine that a band of this pedigree is going to be technical, experimental and interesting as hell. They've released 3 EPs so far on 3 different labels, and have just signed to Warp Records. Warp is planning to release a CD in Europe next February compiling all these EPs into one release, followed by a full-length later in the year. I am so there.

» Bonus Track: Dance


Anonymous said...

Fookin' A! Finally something more up my alley. This is the direction I'd want my band to go into...with singing of course.

dirkhaim said...

Check out this review about the Battles
And check out tinyWays in general