Monday, December 19, 2005

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Kawasaki ZII750 Rock'n'Roll

Guitar Wolf are the loudest band in Japan and probably the entire universe for that matter. Their patented "Jett Rock 'n' Roll" provides a wall of distortion that is all but unmatched; if Spinal Tap's amps go to 11 then Guitar Wolf's surely must go to 25. Naturally when I heard about a Guitar Wolf tribute album featuring such bands as The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Lightning Bolt, Snuff and Jim O'Rourke, I had to track it down. It was tough to pick only a few songs to share with you, but I did my best. The album is called "I Love Guitar Wolf... Very Much" and was recently released on Narnack Records in North America.

» Bonus Track: Puffy Amiyumi - Canna Fever
» Bonus Track: J Mascis + The Fog - Cyborg Kids
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