Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Ladies - Empathy on a Stick

Although they may seem like an unlikely pairing, Pinback frontman Rob Crow and experimental drummer extraordinaire Zach Hill have collaborated before. Crow was a guest vocalist on the Team Sleep album that Hill drummed for, and also a member of Hill's solo band the Holy Smokes. Their latest upcoming project is a two-piece outfit called The Ladies, with an album coming out on Temporary Residence in February. This short track "Empathy on a Stick" is our only indication of what to expect so far... sounds like a poppier version of Hella if you ask me. I also dug up this less interesting bonus track from a Rob Crow fan site... it seems to be an unmastered demo of some sort and more closely resembles a Team Sleep outtake.

» Bonus Track: Long One

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Anonymous said...

ive been waiting for this my entire life. thank god