Friday, December 30, 2005

Mates of State - Punchlines

It's pretty hard to resist the sugary pop charms of the husband and wife duo Mates of State. Personally I think I was hooked on this band within the first 10 seconds of hearing the album Our Constant Concern, but then again, I always did have a thing for organs. The strange thing is that for a long while I didn't even realize that they were a two-piece band. The intensity and fullness of sound that Kori Gardner squeezes out of her organ more than makes up for the lack of guitars in this band. After releasing 2 albums and an EP on Polyvinyl, they've decided it's time for a change. Their next album Bring It Back will be released on Barsuk Records on March 21, 2006. That's a bit of a wait... but hey now, the album's already leaked online. How convenient.

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