Thursday, December 15, 2005

MONO and World's End Girlfriend - Untitled #4

Everyone's been busy posting tracks from the recently leaked new Mogwai album (which I will probably get around to as well), but I thought today I'd offer an alternative in the form of the Japanese equivalent. Tokyo's MONO have released 3 full length albums to date, 2 of which are available on Temporary Residence in North America. Most recently they teamed up with World's End Girlfriend to release Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain, a split CD with epic orchestral songs that build to massive crescendos. This particular collaboration brings to mind Sigur Ros more than anything, but check out MONO's individual albums for the Mogwai influence. WEG, on the other hand, use a lot more electronics in their own work.

» Bonus Track: MONO - Loco Tracks
» Bonus Track: World's End Girlfriend - Singing Under The Rainbow
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isa said...

"Palmless Prayer / Mass Murder Refrain" impresses me! I'll get the album very soon

T3tsuo said...

I love this split cd.