Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Armalite - When Nice People Think Dumb Things, Attack, and Vote

Say what you will about Adam Goren, but I still think he wrote some damn catchy (and funny) songs with his one man band, Atom and His Package. Of course, the novelty of the whole thing kind of wore off by the time he started incorporating guitar and other instruments into the songs, but he still has the equivalent of a solid greatest hits album in there somewhere amongst his discography. (Perhaps the closest we'll come to that is the live CD/DVD of his final show Hair: Debatable, released on Hopeless Records.) Anyways, more to the point, Adam/Atom is back with a new band called Armalite that also features ex-members of Lifetime, Kid Dynamite and Paint It Black. Yes, the "package" has been retired and replaced with gritty post-punk in the vein of Fugazi. Goren's nasally voice and sense of humour are still prominent, however... or at least they are in this particular song. Look for Armalite's self-titled album to be released on No Idea Records on February 14th.

» Bonus Track: Atom and His Package - Happy Birthday Ralph
» Buy Hair: Debatable on Amazon

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