Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Buzzcocks - Credit

Flat-Pack Philosophy is being touted as the best Buzzcocks album since 1979's A Different Kind of Tension. But then again, isn't that what they said about the last one too? Like most late 70's punk rock bands that are still around today, The Buzzcocks are way past their prime... but unlike some of their peers, they aren't quite out of their element yet. Their pop-punk sound still fits today, even if they've lost most of their edge and creative spark. I do think the last Buzzcocks album that was passable as a whole was Trade Test Transmissions, but there are a enough decent tracks here to make it sound more natural than their last s/t release on Merge. Have a listen and see what you think. Flat-Pack Philosophy will be released on Cooking Vinyl on March 7th.

» Bonus Track: I've Had Enough
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Anonymous said...

Not too shabby...very tame from what I remember, however.