Thursday, January 26, 2006

Helmet - Out of Nowhere

The undisputed heavyweights of drop-D tuning returned last year with a new album called Size Matters, and although it definitely fell short of their early 90's glory days, there was still something familiar and reassuring about it to me. Unfortunately, Helmet's comeback seemed to fall short of expectations for Interscope Records as well, and now Helmet find themselves in search of a new label. They still hope to have a new album out in the summer, but in the meantime (ha, get it... "in the meantime") here's a new non-LP track from the Size Matters sessions (it appeared on the 2005 Sundance Sampler compilation). To compliment that, I've included one of my all-time favourite Helmet b-sides, taken from the Johnny Mnemonic soundtrack and recorded back when John Stanier and Henry Bogdan were still in the band. Helmet really need to put out another b-side collection as they have so many good songs that aren't on any of their albums.

» Bonus Track: Complete
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Kevin said...

LOVED 'Betty.' What a great band.