Monday, January 30, 2006

Omar Rodriguez - Spookrijden op het fietspad

Fans of The Mars Volta may be interested in the latest solo effort from the band's guitarist and all around creative dynamo, Omar Rodriguez. It's all instrumental and of course, very avante-garde, jazzy and prog-influenced stuff. If you enjoyed his A Manual Dexterity Soundtrack, Vol. 1, you'll probably like this too. To be honest it's a bit much for me... I'd much rather hear his experimentation when reined in by a producer and a full band as opposed to here, where he is able to just completely run wild. Still, you've gotta give Rodriguez credit; after going from At The Drive-In to something like this, it's been quite an amazing journey of musical exploration. This EP was recorded in Amsterdam, which I guess explains the Dutch song titles. I think this one is translated to mean "Drunk Driving on the Bicycle Path".

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, not too bad. A little much for the casual listen, but for me in what can be expected.

I've heard other jingles before that amass to nothing more than a wall of sound, but, if you listen closely there is like three different melodies going on.