Friday, January 06, 2006

Schmoof - Sweet Child O' Mine

It might seem like a cheap ploy to take a classic tune like "Sweet Child O' Mine" and turn it into a gimmicky electro-pop send up, but I was impressed with how Schmoof were able to use precise beats and warm synths to revamp the song instead of just making it a joke. It sure beats the hell out of Sheryl Crow's rendition at any rate. The other song that they have posted on their website probably deserves more attention however. "Chocolate Boyfriend" sounds kind of like Ladytron with the deadpan vocals of Nicola Kuperus from Adult. From what I gather they are a British duo on an Austrian label... head over to the Angelika Koehlerman website to order their album Bedroom Disco.

» Bonus Track: Chocolate Boyfriend

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I liked it. Definately gives the song a new flavour. Too bad this wasn't the original and G'n R did a cover. Oh well. :)