Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sunset Rubdown - Three Colours II

I've been looking forward to hearing more from Spencer Krug's side project Sunset Rubdown, especially now that it has evolved into a full line-up featuring bandmates Mike Doerkson, Jordan Robson Cramer and Camilla Wynn Ingr (also of Pony Up). The first Sunset Rubdown album Snake's Got A Leg had its moments (including a superior rendition of Wolf Parade song "I'll Believe In Anything You'll Believe In Anything") but more often than not it was just a little too snoozey for me. A new 5 song EP is now available from Global Symphonic, and will serve as a teaser for their upcoming full-length coming in May on Absolutely Kosher. The only thing I've heard from this EP is a song floating around the web called "Three Colours II" (originally posted at Popsheep I believe). Krug's Bowie-esque vocals are as haunting and demented as ever despite being a little distant, and the more I listen to it, the more I dig it.

» Bonus Track: I'll Believe In Anything, You'll Believe In Anything
» Buy it from Global Symphonic

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