Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We Are Scientists - Worth The Wait

Here we have the first buzz band of 2006, California's We Are Scientists, who will release their debut album With Love And Squalor in stores next Tuesday. Their music is a sugary sweet mixture of Franz Ferdinand, The Killers and Hot Hot Heat, or something to that effect. I can see this album catching on with the MTV crowd in a big way, but hey, if I have to hear stuff like this on the radio every 5 minutes I still wouldn't mind. Highly addictive.

» Bonus Track: This Scene Is Dead
» Pre-order it on Amazon


Will said...

aazqxsxqTotally addictive! I love the singles and think it is only a matter of time before they totally blow up in America. I went to college with them, so it is extra exciting and inspiring to see all of this success.

Anonymous said...

They definately have a currently generic sound that is popular with mainstream, no doubt about that.

They remind me of a band that is currently active now, but I cannot recall their name.