Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cat Power - Dreams

In celebration of Valentine's Day I'll post a somewhat sad, sappy song, unlike what I usually post. It was between this song and some old Dashboard Confessional, and I think I made a mistake. This comes from the Japanese import of Cat Power's recent album The Greatest, though it sounds more the stuff on her Covers Record than her new album. It's a cover of a song by the Everly Brothers, and has just Chan and a piano, as she completely changes the song's structure while still keeping the main piano progression of the original. It's simply beautiful, and it's why I love her. Plus, she's a big Bob Dylan fan, which makes her my dream. Why don't girls like this exist in the real world?
I've also included a live cover of "He Was a Friend of Mine," and "Wonderwall."

» Bonus Track: He Was A Friend of Mine
» Bonus Track: Wonderwall
» Buy The Greatest on Amazon

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