Monday, February 06, 2006

Danielson - Did I Step On Your Trumpet

» (MP3 Link Removed)
Starting off the week with a bang, here's a couple tracks from an album that's easily one of the most anticipated of 2006 (next to K-Fed's of course). If all goes according to plan, 2006 should be a huge year for Daniel Smith and the Danielson Famile. Their new album Ships features members of Deerhoof as a backing band, not to mention contributions from honourary famile member Sujfan Stevens (who is now a bona fide indie rock superstar). What's more, Danielson: A Family Movie will also premiere this year at SXSW and a few other festivals. (Check out the trailer for this fascinating documentary here.) Smith's distinct childish falsetto is an acquired taste for some people, but with the multitude of beautiful instruments and the group sing alongs it's hard to see how anyone can resist some of these songs. Ships hits stores in May, but a number of limited edition 7"s will be available starting in March. (The other Danielson track below, "Nothing To Do" appeared on the Dimension Mix tribute CD last year.)

» Bonus Track: Time That Bald Sexton (MP3 Link Removed)
» Bonus Track: Nothing To Do (MP3 Link Removed)

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