Sunday, February 19, 2006

The New Amsterdams - Girl Why'd You Run Away (Reggie and the Full Effect Cover)

Matt Pryor and The New Amsterdams will be putting out their first post-Get Up Kids album in March called Story Like A Scar. I've never been all that moved by his mainly acoustic side project, and the new track "Turn Out The Light" doesn't do much to change my mind. I was more interested to hear that he is also writing children's songs with the New Ams line-up under an alternate name: The Terrible Twos. (Apparently writing music for kids is the new indie thing to do.) There are a couple MP3s on their website, and although the music is slightly more upbeat it's not nearly as quirky and fun as I was hoping it would be. I did, however, enjoy the New Amsterdams' stripped down cover of Reggie & The Full Effect. Just don't get me started on the last couple of Reggie albums...

» Bonus Track: The New Amsterdams - Turn Out The Light
» Bonus Track: The Terrible Twos - When I Get To Eleven

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Adrian said...

hey, i know you posted this up several months ago but only now have i found it. i dunno if this is a popular cover, so maybe lots of other people have it. could you maybe post it up again or show me somewhere where i can get it? thanks! keep up the good work, love the site!

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