Sunday, February 05, 2006

Oneida - $50 Tea

This one is for Sean to teach him about music. This is another song I just came across recently. Oneida has always been one of those bands that I've heard of but never really listened to. That is, until I heard this song from their Secret Wars album released in 2004. So, most people probably consider this a classic album now. They play psychedelic-garage rock, though this album favours the keyboards a lot more than the other stuff I've heard, and has a bit more of a dance feel to it. The entire album is pretty amazing, I'm looking forward to picking it up soon. This entire album plays at least twice as loud as any other album I own. I take that to mean that the band desires the album to be played loudly. Obey them.

» Bonus Track: Caesar's Column

1 comment:

Sean said...

Zak, I'm disappointed in you, this is a pretty weak attempt to school me.

Actually it's pretty good shit. I always thought Oneida were some stereotypical hardcore band.