Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pilot Scott Tracy - Angel of Death

I'm still not sure what the whole story is behind the demise of The Causey Way, but it's unfortunate that such an exciting band had to come to an end just when they were about to blow up (popularity-wise that is). At any rate, it seems that Scott Stanton aka Causey himself is now once again "mentally stable" enough to write music, and so together with his wife Tracy they have started Pilot Scott Tracy. (Scott... Tracy... get it?) Their schtick this time around is slightly less provocative (an airline theme instead of a cult), but the music is pretty much the same. Alternating between the spasmodic rock of early Pixies and hypnotic synth-driven pop songs in the vein of Stereolab, they definitely deserve a listen. Their latest album, Any City was an overlooked gem from last year. The band hasn't been very active in recent months however, as Scott and Tracy have reportedly just had a baby.

» Bonus Track: Return To My Home
» Bonus Track: Love Is An Animal (from Flight 0713)
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, the discovery or guitar and synth driven songs continues. This is good.

However, the best "Angel of Death" songs are from Slayer and Hawkwind. Still I like the opening melody....sounds like what I came up with when I had my KORG.