Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Q And Not U - People Wonder (President Remix)

When Q And Not U played their final string of shows in fall of 2005, they also released a very limited edition 3-song EP featuring remixes of the song "Wonderful People" from their last album Power. Among these remixes is this track from President, guitarist Harris Klahr's new electronic project. Checking in with the other members of Q And Not U, we find that Christopher Richards has already released a solo album under the name Ris Paul Ric, and is working on a new band with DJ Dave Nada, while drummer John Davis has started a new two-piece collaboration with friend Laura Burhenn called Georgie James. (Follow all the links to hear music at their MySpace pages.) Linked below is another remix from the final EP and another great Q And Not U song available only on their On Play Patterns EP.

» Bonus Track: Wonderful People (Ova Looven Remix)
» Bonus Track: Ten Thousand Animal Calls
» Buy On Play Patterns on Amazon


Will said...

I miss q and not u, but I am excited about the side projects. It's a shame that they never got the recognition they deserved. I hadn't heard the remixes before, so thanks for posting them.

John said...

Thanks for this! I saw them at one of their last shows (Ft Reno), but wasn't able to pick up one of the EPs. The Ris Paul Ric disc is really good, and I'm looking forward to the Georgie James as well.

Sean said...

Yeah I do like the Ris Paul Ric stuff, I think there are elements of Q and Not U in there even though it's just solo acoustic bedroom recordings essentially. I'm interested to see what his collaboration with that DJ will turn out like too.

Unknown said...

i've been looking for the remixes everywhere! but it seems that the links no longer work. it would be AMAZING if you could email them to me