Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sin ft. Cam'ron, Bezel, & Tom Gist - Thanks To Me (Certified)

You think N.Y.C. is rough? L.A.? Detroit maybe? These places ain't got nothing on Serbia. Serbia is scary. No joke. Now imagine a gangsta rapper from Serbia and welcome to Sin, the Torontonian by way of Belgrade. I just came across his 2005 mixtape the other day, Sizzerb Vol. 1. Hosted by DJ Vlad and featuring the Dip Set and a bunch of Sizzerb affliates (which hail from Serbia, Canada and America), this is one emcee to get excited about. I realize that a Toronto/Belgrade rapper seems like the least likely thing to sound as awesome as it does, but as Sin raps on "If God Closes The Gates", "They make-believe/I make believers." Well, he's made a believer out of me.

» Bonus Track: If God Closes The Gates

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Anonymous said...

he just put out a mixtape with big mike and nujerzey devil