Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Some Girls - Beautiful Rune

I'll admit that things have been pretty slow around here lately. Even though there has been a huge amount of albums lately, I haven't really come across much new good stuff. However, Some Girls is an album I got recently and hasn't talked about too much. The band contains members of the Locust and the Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, and their sound is pretty evidently influence by the Locust, creating really short, tight punk/hardcore. The album as a whole is kind of lacking. However, they have some really amazing songs which I've tried to include here. They also have a cover of Public Image Ltd.'s 'Religion,' which is definitely worth hearing. I'm hoping these tracks will blow shit up in here and get it bouncing in here again. Or at least break some heads.

» Bonus Track: Ex Nuns/Dead Dogs
» Bonus Track: Warm Milk
» Bonus Track: Marry Mortuary
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Anonymous said...

m4a file? I can't play this.

Sean said...

Yeah Zak, come on, WTF... don't be a n00b. Baychuk, you can play them in iTunes, or get a plug-in for Winamp.

The only reason you're not coming across good new stuff is cause you're too busy listening to the entire Lujo Records catalogue!

prozak said...

m4a is the future of new media. m4a is the new mp3. don't get caught behind the times.

sorry man, i was just plugging Lujo in hopes of getting some free CDs. and i didn't even get any.