Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Spank Rock - Top Billin' From Far Left

Far be it from me to be the one posting hip hop stuff on here, but what can I say... I'm just doing it for Zak to teach him about music. Actually, to be perfectly honest this is some killer shit, even to my untrained white ears. Spank Rock is coming straight off the crack-infested streets of Baltimore, and his debut album Yoyoyoyoyo hits this April on Big Dada Records. With the help of Diplo's remix of "Put That Pussy On Me", Spank Rock has been getting a lot of buzz in the cutting edge blog world and I guess I'm here to add to it. Lots of filthy language and a gritty texture composed of layered electronic noises and big ass beats... what's not to love? The album's first single is even called "Rick Rubin". Get on it.

» Bonus Track: Bump
» Bonus Track: Rick Rubin

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prozak said...

thanks for the lesson. i've been officially skooled!