Saturday, March 11, 2006

Amy Millan - Skinny Boy

The explosion of Canadian female indie rockers going solo is well on its way to becoming a bona fide "movement", although it should come as no surprise seeing as they're all good friends. Feist has been carving out a name for herself for a while now outside of her time with Broken Social Scene and Emily Haines of Metric will also release her first solo album sometime this year. Now Amy Millan of Stars (and Broken Social Scene) is the next female chanteuse to break away and go it alone. Arts & Crafts is offering a free download of a song from her upcoming album Honey From The Tombs. "Skinny Boy" is a decent showcase of Millan's soft and alluring voice, although the song conveys a certain sadness and heartache not found in the music of Stars. Look for her solo album in stores on May 30th.


Anonymous said...

Just heard her on CBC 1 the other day when the host was decribing the days in Cabbage Town where Amy used to waitress at a place called Jet Feul. Either way, the track Skinny Boy blew me away. I may go ahead and buy her album I think.

Anonymous said...

Emily Haines is also occasionally part of Broken Social Scene as well