Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hot Chip - Tchaparian

Alright now these tracks should more than make up for that rather lethargic Hot Chip track I posted at the beginning of this month (from the See You On The Moon compilation). And to think, I was just starting to get into Coming On Strong, and now they already have a new full-length on the way. Hmm... well I suppose it has been about 2 years since Coming On Strong was originally released. The Warning hits stores on May 22nd and it totally kicks these guys up a notch in my books. I can't get enough of "Tchaparian" in particular, it's got these addictive beats but also an odd ethereal quality I can't quite describe. Hey, why not check out their video for "Over and Over" while you're at it.

» Bonus Track: Boy From School
» Pre-order it on Amazon

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Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog, and wanted say THX! and keep up the great work! You had several mp3s that I immediately grabbed (YYYs, JSBX, Malkmus, Strokes, Sunset Rundown). Those hard to find b-sides and cool indies band posts are appreciated. I look forward to more, and to reading through the archives...