Thursday, March 16, 2006

Matmos - Tract For Valerie Solanas

The masters of cut and paste sound collages return in May with a new album entitled The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast. One of Matmos' previous albums was composed entirely using sounds from liposuction surgery... how's that for an artistic statement? This time around they attempt to pay tribute to 10 different people that they admire, from writer/spoken word artist William S. Burroughs to feminist/Andy Warhol assassin Valeri Solanas. Each song is a unique audio portrait related to the person and their life, sometimes with direct references to historical events, other times implied through metaphoric instruments and samples. Here are a couple choice cuts from the album: Valerie Solanas' song mixes up phat beats with feminist spoken word pieces, while record producer Joe Meek's homage contains echoes of the surf reverb he is known for pioneering with the The Tornados hit "Telstar".

» Bonus Track: Solo Buttons For Joe Meek


Loki said...

interesting stuff... often with matmos i like the idea of them more than i like the sound of them but these are some of the best things they've done sonically for awhile...

prozak said...

it's definitely the phat beats that do it for me.
actually i do like it. although maybe not gimmicky enough for my liking.