Saturday, March 18, 2006

Snowden - Anti-Anti

Although I've never been a big fan of Jade Tree records, every once in a while they hire some amazing bands to their roster to balance their largely emo and hardcore base. Obviously, I'm not throwing Snowden into their 'shitty' repetitive pile. Rather, Snowden definitely stands out in their list, with singer Jordan Jeffares' distinct voice, and catchy melodies. I would say it reminds me of the more poppier moments of Wolf Parade or Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Although their debut album for Jade Tree doesn't have a scheduled released day yet, you can download there previous EP for free on their homepage here


Rich said...

Wow -- Snowden! Atlanta representin', yo. Good to see they're getting national coverage since the Jade Tree signing. They're kind of a big deal down here in the southeast.

prozak said...

let me just say that this song is on my myspace profile page, so yeah, that's a pretty big deal.