Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Honeybear

I really like what I'm hearing from the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, Show Your Bones. In fact, now I'm starting to wonder why on earth I overlooked their last album. I always thought it had some decent singles but I never investigated any further. Their new stuff certainly doesn't sound much different... the album is still fueled primarily by raw rock n roll riffs and Karen O's lung power (not to mention her unique fashion sense). "Honeybear" just happens to be one of the songs that grabbed me most, along with "Deja Vu" (which is a bonus track only available on the U.K. release). Show Your Bones hits stores on March 28th -- better mark it on your calendars kiddies.

» Bonus Track: Deja Vu
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool....sounds like it has a dab of Danielson Famile on speed.

Borderline chaotic, but kept in check. This will grow on me. :)