Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Les Savy Fav - Raging in the Plague Age

Looks like Les Savy Fav's "indefinite hiatus" is finally over, and it couldn't come at a better time. They've just released a new digital EP via EMusic called Plagues & Snakes, featuring 2 brand new songs recorded in late 2005 and it seems to pick up right where Go Forth left off. They are apparently writing even more new material as we speak, and will be re-releasing their debut album 3/5 on French Kiss Records in July, in addition to putting out a new 7" on Rococo Records later this month. "Raging In The Plague Age" is a manic scorcher in the classic LSF style, sure to get your blood pumpin'. You can grab the other new song " When You Wake Up A Snake", a quieter, piano-tinged tune with appropriately cryptic lyrics, by signing up for a free trial with EMusic (or by snooping around a few other blogs). "Hit By A Car" is (I believe) one of the songs from the forthcoming 7".

» Bonus Track: Hit By A Car
» Download from EMusic

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