Thursday, April 06, 2006

Shapes and Sizes - Island's Gone Bad

A few days ago, this four-piece pop band from Victoria, B.C. stopped by a neighbourhood bar near my house in St. Catharines. But a few days ago I hadn't heard of this band, and hadn't heard anything by them. More importantly, I hadn't heard that this band had recently signed to Asthmatic Kitty Records. If I had known Sufjan liked them, I definitely would've attended the concert. That is why I'm telling you all now, in case they come by your house, which is likely since they are during all over Canada as we speak. Regardless, Shapes and Sizes are a quirky, poppy, multi-instrumentalist band who change sounds and tempos mid-song. As well as combining multiple vocals, odd sounds, whistles, claps, creaks, yelps, the band is like a compendium of of everything good in music right now, never predictable but always fun to listen to. Their album will be released on July 25th through Asthmatic Kitty.

Bonus Track - Wilderness

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