Saturday, April 29, 2006

Smoosh - Find A Way

I've read a lot of mixed opinions about Smoosh over the past little while, who have turned heads because the band is comprised of 2 young sisters, aged 12 and 14 years old respectively. Some people feel that they are a bit overhyped mainly because of the age gimmick. Personally I had been kind of on the fence with their music so far. I mean, I thought it was amazing that they were this young and writing songs at all, but the stuff I had heard from them was hit and miss. Now that I've heard this new song from their upcoming album Free To Stay, I think I am finally sold. Their music has an amazing Mates of State quality to it; I guess it's the dirty keyboard sound and poppy vocal harmonies that really do it for me. I hope this album finally silences their critics, because I think the music speaks for itself. You can catch Smoosh on tour with Eels this summer, and pick up their new album on June 20th from Barsuk Records.

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Anonymous said...

Not available anymore!


Sean said...

That's weird... I think they're blocking links from outside their website. Just copy the URL and paste it into your web browser and it should work.