Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Coke Dares - Rocking All the Time

Adding to the ever-growing list of bands who play short, one to two minute songs, the Coke Dares, play fast, sloppy classic rock and roll, usually not even making a minute in length. Throwing a bit of punk into classic rock, the Coke Dares are completely unserious, almost always singing about drinking and, well... rocking (which are basically synonymous). Comprised of three members, they are almost a supergroup: two of the three members play in indie darlings the Impossible Shapes, while the other plays in the ever-revolving Panoply Academy (Legionnaires, Glee Club), and all three members play as the Magnolia Electric Co. backing band. As well, I remember reading recently that a member of the now defunct 90 Day Men has joined the band, though this may not have happened. But don't let these other 'serious' bands let you think otherwise, the Coke Dares play completely stupid rock and roll.

» Bonus Track: I Won't Start Drinkin' Without You
» Bonus Track: Black Beauties

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