Friday, May 12, 2006

Final Fantasy - Fantasy (Mariah Carey Cover)

Here's the crucial link of the week that everyone will be talking about for the next couple days. This video was culled from Final Fantasy's recent tour with Grizzly Bear, and features a guest appearance by Ed from Grizzly Bear, as they join together for a violin-based rendition of "Fantasy" by Mariah. Looks like a good show, I'm just upset that no one tried to sing ODB's part (RIP).


Unknown said...

haha I loved this. Hm, ODB against a violin backdrop would have been so twee ODB! i'll link to you on my mp3blog should you not mind. i'm just being polite, i know you won't mind :)

prozak said...

yes, please do add us. we need all the exposure we can get.

Sean said...

What are you talking about Zak? I think you expose yourself enough as it is.