Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Jim Guthrie - Hands in my Pocket

If you haven't heard at least part of this song yet you're in for a real treat. Some of you however may have heard the song's chorus on a recent Capital One commercial. Originally, Guthrie was commissioned to write just the 30 second chorus that appears in the commercial. After receiving such ecstatic response towards the song, Guthrie created an entire song out of what he had already written. This song was posted on his website in January, but the link has been dead since a week after its release. It's taken me all this time to lurk out this song, only to discover that there's a website created specifically for the advertising campaign of this song, where you can travel a place called Pocket Town (and presumably use your credit card to purchase sushi. Actually, I don't understand this site. It doesn't really do anything.) I'm assuming this campaign and song are exclusive to Canada, which would explain why this song isn't bigger than it is, at least popularity-wise, because sonically it's huge.


Sean said...

Hey thanks for posting this... I was looking for it just a couple days ago actually. The link on his website seems to work again, but it's only part of the song.

Anonymous said...

Jim Guthrie sings this?!?!?
I had no idea. I've heard some of his other stuff and really liked it, but it didn't sound like this.
I saw him play with Royal City here in St. John's back in 2002 and they were a nice surprise (opening for the almighty Constantines).

prozak said...

yeah, i read in an interview that tly jim has done a few other commercial jingles though he hasn't said which ones.