Wednesday, May 10, 2006

the Soft Drugs - the Pitch

Anyone who is familiar with Pedro the Lion has probably come across his good friend T.W. Walsh (an example from PTL's song 'Bands With Managers' talking about falling asleep while driving on tour: "but I trust T. William Walsh and I'm not afraid to die.") As well as being a regular touring member of PTL, Walsh has recorded with PTL and originally wrote 'Start Without Me' which appeared on Achilles Heel (the original is available for download at the Soft Drugs website). Since then, Walsh has quit the band to devote more time to his family. So much so, that it seems he can't leave the house, and has started recording himself singing in front of a video camera. A fairly innovative idea, he has several videos available on YouTube. Since quitting PTL, Walsh has gone back to recording solo under the name the Soft Drugs. He has an EP being released next month which is available for preorder through his website, which also includes several exclusive downloads available here

» Bonus Track: Don't Sweat It

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