Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sufjan Stevens - No Man's Land

The output of Christian indie folk superstar Sufjan Stevens has been nothing short of prolific over the past few years. It's like he's been knocking out new songs in his sleep, and just to prove it he decided to release a whole new album of b-sides and outtakes from his last album Illinois. The first thing I was surprised about was the fact that these all appear to be totally new, unreleased songs (with the exception of title track "The Avalanche", which was on the vinyl release of Illinois, and a couple alternate versions of the song "Chicago"). Even more surprising, however, is how good all the songs are. These are not just tablescraps; almost all 21 tracks are fully produced, fully realized songs, equally as deserving of your attention as anything else he has done. With the sheer quantity of material he's been writing lately, I was among the so-called naysayers who thought Sufjan may have been overexposing himself. And yet, still he manages to deliver something truly special. Gotta love him. The Avalanche will be released on July 11th on Asthmatic Kitty Records.

» Bonus Track: Chicago (Multiple Personality Disorder version)

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