Thursday, May 25, 2006

Think About Life - Money

Adding to the ever-growing list of bands borne out of Montreal, Think About Life had the unfortunate handicap of having their debut album released the same day as another Montreal based band Mobile, who are probably the shittiest thing to ever come out of Canada. Oh wait, I think Sean's Canadian (just kidding, I love you man). While Mobile seems to have gathered up some press with Telus so that you get a big cell phone deal with the purchase of their album, Think About Life have suffered from some serious lack of exposure (they are released on the Montreal based Alien 8 Recordings), which is unfortunate because this album's cup is brimming with noteworthy songs. Even selecting one song to post here was difficult since the album requires a full listen to understand what's really going down here. It's chock full of dance, rap, electro, no-wave, post-punk; really all you could ask for. Yet you're still wondering: will it make you think about life? Perhaps that's the one area they need to work on.

Bonus Track - Serious Chords
Bonus Track - Commander Riker's Party

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