Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Zach Hill and Mick Barr - Desert Glass Bubbles

Does Zach Hill ever take vacations? The hyperkinetic drummer with a thousand projects is back with yet another record, this time teaming up with avante-metal guitarist Mick Barr (Octis/Orthrelm) to release Shred Earthship. On paper it sounds like a match made in heaven... I mean hell... and Zach Hill was quoted as saying the collaboration "tops any level of playing I've ever done on a record, physically and spiritually". Listening to the songs, however, I personally had trouble finding the genius in them. The album was conceived and captured in a whirlwind recording session over a weekend in Sacramento, and that's exactly what it sounds like. There's no question that these guys are talented beyond belief, but the songs just feel a lot more aimless than Hella or even some of Zach Hill's own solo stuff. Have a listen and see what you think... the album's out now on 5RC.

» Bonus Track: Note Swarm Hive Builders
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