Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Call Me Lightning - Ghouls

French Kiss Records just recently signed Milwaukee's Call Me Lightning, a band who I had no prior knowledge of so I thought I would investigate. It turns out they have one album out on Revelation Records called The Trouble We're In, which is definitely a little more abrasive than some of the stuff French Kiss is known for. It's pretty easy to hear echoes of scrappy bands like Drive Like Jehu and Fugazi in the mix, but if you listen closely I think you'll also hear a little bit of Thunderbirds Are Now! and Les Savy Fav, so maybe their music isn't such a stretch after all. Their MySpace page has a couple of new demos which sound even better, so I'm definitely looking forward to hearing what the forthcoming LP has to offer.

» Bonus Track: Rotten River
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