Sunday, June 04, 2006

Deerhoof - Lose My Breath (My Bloody Valentine cover)

Continuing along with this week's theme of free music, here are a couple tracks from a new EP Deerhoof just released online a couple weeks ago. It's a mixture of live tracks and covers. I guess their guitarist Chris Cohen just left the band to work on his other band The Curtains full time. Everyone and their mom seems to have known about this free EP except for me, so it might be old news to some... but I am posting a couple individual MP3s for the sake of convenience since the whole thing was released as a single track for some reason. I guess I'll have to start reading Pitchfork again so I can keep myself in the loop. I also included a live track from another free EP Deerhoof released online last year (?) called Bibidi Babadi Boo.

» Bonus Track; Spirit Ditties Of No Tone (Live)
» Bonus Track; Giga Dance (Live)
» Download the full EP here

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Anonymous said...

for whole version mp3 of deerhoof's cover of MBV's lose my breath you can email me at: _____*_____by glider87