Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Go! Team - Bull in the Heather (Sonic Youth cover)

By now most people across the indie music blogosphere have probably heard The Go! Team's magnificent cover of Sonic Youth's "Bull In The Heather", which was recently posted on their MySpace page. For your listening convenience, here's an MP3 of it (I'm guessing this was just ripped from the MySpace audio stream although it still sounds pretty decent). I also thought this would also be a good opportunity to post a few songs from a Sonic Youth tribute album that Narnack Records released a couple years ago. It's called Confuse Yr Idols, and it features a lot of lesser known bands playing mostly older Sonic Youth tunes. There's some pretty weird stuff here, taking Sonic Youth in even more avante-garde directions if you can believe it, but I cheesed out and chose to post a couple of the most recognizable, poppier renditions.

» Bonus Track: Elf Power - Kotton Krown
» Bonus Track: New Granada - Eric's Trip
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