Saturday, June 24, 2006

Helmet - Brand New

Even though their comeback was a bit disappointing, I still enjoy keeping tabs on what Page Hamilton and Helmet are up to. After 2004's Size Matters, the first new Helmet album since 1997, the band was unhappy with the support they were receiving at Interscope and decided to sign to smaller indie label Warcon Enterprises. On July 18th, Warcon will release the new album Monochrome, recorded with yet another new line-up that includes Page Hamilton, guitarist Chris Traynor, new bassist Jeremy Chatelain (former lead singer for Handsome), and new drummer Mike Jost (formerly of Seven and Adair). In interviews, Hamilton promised a return to the days of their classic album Meantime, alas, they'll never be the same without original drummer John Stanier. Monochrome features a lot of the same melodic vocals that Size Matters did, at times bordering on a nu-metal sound. "Brand New" is, however, perhaps the closest they've come to recapturing the crunchy riffage of the band's glory days.

» Bonus Track: Money Shot
» Bonus Track: Gone
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