Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lily Allen - Knock Em Out

It seems like every blog is talking about Lily Allen. On the top of that, she's gorgeous, adorable, probably funny, has over 36,000 friends on Myspace, and I would imagine she has a nice vinyl collection. But for the most part, the songs that I had heard were pretty ignorable, until I heard these two tracks here. "Knock Em Out" has the upbeat hip-hop feel of the Streets, while "LDN" is slightly reggae, slightly hip-hop, slightly indie dance. While I haven't heard all her stuff yet, the press keeps referring to her as this summer's M.I.A. (well, at least for those posers who didn't get into M.I.A. until the summertime). I hope they're right. We won't find out until July 16th when Still, Alright is released.

Bonus Track - LDN

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you'll find most of her tracks here if you fancy a listen to more: