Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mr. Loco - Real Religious Man (from Nacho Libre)

So I saw Nacho Libre on the weekend, and I have to admit I was disappointed with it. (I won't get into specifics... you can read the review here.) The one thing I will say is that the music was quite enjoyable and helped paint a picture of this surreal world where Jack Black is conflicted between his love for Mexican wrestling and his devout faith. Beck and Danny Elfman both composed music individually for the film's score, and in the end director Jared Hess used bits and pieces of both, much to their chagrin. There is one key recurring song in the movie, however, that neither Elfman nor Beck wrote, and after some searching Jay and I have managed to locate it. The song is called "Real Religious Man" by Mr. Loco, a Spanish group from the 70's. There is no soundtrack available for the movie as of yet, but hopefully they will get their shit together and release one soon.

» Mr. Loco on MySpace (???)


Colin said...

Hey, sorry, I stumbled on your blog. Very nice. But I too was looking for this blasted song and couldn't find it anywhere, until now. I remember the same thing happened with Napoleon Dynamite though. The album is released like way later than the movie, so it should come out sometime later.

Anonymous said...

the song seems to stop downloading half way.

Anonymous said...

NACHO LIBRE Soundtrack- Coming October 24th!

The fans have been heard! Paramount Pictures and Lakeshore Records ready to release the Official Soundtrack Album to Nacho Libre on October 24th in time for the DVD Release!

Hit me back for updates, track listings, and details!

CD at Amazon: In Stores OCTOBER 24th

DVD at Amazon: Out OCTOBER 24th

mist1 said...

I saw this last week. I was so disappointed. You'd think a man in tights could make me laugh more than once...

Unknown said...

Mr. Loco wants to thank every one behind Nacho Libre movie for choosing Mr. Loco's music, and for bringing us back.
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There is also a video called CANCUN MOON

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